Our Team

Our Team

Todd Ehrenberg

Financial Advisor

After almost 19 years as a licensed financial advisor, Todd says, “There is nothing I would rather do for a living.” Todd loves his job because he gets to work with great people, and he finds deep satisfaction in helping them navigate the many challenges in their financial lives.

Todd primarily works with his clients to help them best achieve their vision of retirement. This will frequently involve helping them with managing investment risk, understanding complex tax laws and various income strategies, and, ultimately, preparing for the transfer of assets to the next generation.

Todd lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with his wife, Rebecca; daughter, Kate (15); and son, Will (13). When he’s not in the office, Todd can usually be found spending time with his family or training their new puppy. The family has traveled to six different states, including California in 2016, to watch Kate participate in YMCA gymnastics meets. This year, they’ll go to Savannah, as Kate has already qualified to compete in the Nationals. Other weekends might find Todd off on a Boy Scout adventure with Will, who is working toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

In between the kids' organized activities, Todd and his family enjoy the outdoors. In the summer, they like to take their boat to Sand Dollar Cove in Manchester or to Brown's Island in Marblehead. The Ehrenbergs like to ski whenever possible, especially in fresh powder through the glades at Bretton Woods. Todd finds that skiing is also a great way to spend time with their friends and extended family.

Todd and Rebecca both enjoy running to help them stay fit and participate in organized running events together. They have raced in the Reach the Beach relay a few times and competed in the Newburyport half-marathon several times. His commitment to running and exercising allowed Todd to play in his high school's alumni soccer game recently, even though he was one of the oldest to participate.

Todd uses his commuting time to catch up on the local sports teams or to listen to a good book on CD from the local library. Todd thinks that Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is a great book, and he would welcome your suggestions, too. He will usually choose fiction, history, and philosophy, as he feels that there is much more to learn about making financial decisions in those topics than in any book about the stock market.

Patrick Fuller, CFA®

Financial Advisor

Pat graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1995. He gained his FINRA Series 7 securities registration (currently held through Commonwealth Financial Network®) and industry experience in various professional positions and then decided to start a financial advisory practice in 2002. Early in his career, Pat recognized the need for advanced education and knowledge when constructing portfolios, so he undertook a three-year course of study focused on investment knowledge, the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) program. He attained his CFA® designation in 2004, something that fewer than 5 percent of financial advisors have achieved.

Pat partners with his clients in many ways. He has set up 529 plans and helped parents draw down tax-free savings to pay for college; created lifetime income streams for newly retired couples; used his expertise to construct and manage investment portfolios aiming to achieve positive returns without undue risk; and significantly reduced taxes for business owners by establishing their corporate retirement plans. Pat guides his clients for many years toward the realization of their life's goals, whatever they may be. He brings focus and enthusiasm to the task of managing and protecting clients’ hard-earned financial resources.


Pat resides in Newburyport with his wife, Nancy, and two children, Emily (16) and Colin (13). He spends a lot of his free time either volunteering or cheering for his kids’ various sports teams. In the spring, Pat coaches Colin’s lacrosse team and serves as a board member of the Newburyport Youth Lacrosse Association. He enjoys summers spent with friends and family at the beach, on the golf course, or on his mountain bike. In the fall it’s back to watching kids’ sports—football, lacrosse, basketball, and field hockey—while trying to sneak in a mountain bike ride or two. After the snow has fallen, however, is when Pat and his family are truly the happiest. They are avid skiers and luckily get to spend several weeks per year visiting family in Sun Valley, Idaho. When not skiing out west, the Fuller family can typically be found on the slopes of Sugarbush, Vermont. Pat has also been collecting wine for close to 20 years. His collection is not very large because he tends to taste more than save, but he’s still waiting for the right moment to open his prized bottle of 1994 Fonseca Vintage Port. If you’ve got a favorite wine, Pat would love to hear about it!

Sheila Stehlin, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Sheila lives on Plum Island with her husband, Kevin. They have a blended family and a cat, Chloe. Like many 50-somethings, Sheila and Kevin are finally used to their empty nest. Their youngest daughter, Carly (26),  finished her second degree in global nutrition and health in Copenhagen in December 2021 and just completed an internship in farming in Cold Spring, New York. She will return to Copenhagen in February to manage one of the largest urban farms in Denmark. Derek (32) married his long-time boyfriend, Franco, last year and they live in San Diego when they are not visiting Franco’s family in Peru. Derek works at a startup focused on offering bikes and scooters to municipalities. Evan (33) and his wife, Harriet, had a baby boy in March 2021 named Benson and they are expecting their second baby in June. Harriet works in NYC and Evan just joined Sheila’s practice in October. One of Sheila’s favorite things is to spend time with Benny and watch him grow.

Now that she has more free time, Sheila tries to exercise more with pickleball, biking, and weight lifting. She has recently added daily cold water immersion (15 minutes in 51-59 degree water) to her routine but we will see how long that lasts. Since her clients are starting to spread out across the U.S., Sheila spends winters in Jacksonville, Florida, visiting her southern clients in person and keeping up with all clients via phone appointments and Zoom meetings. 

Like her children, Sheila loves to travel, usually to visit one of her children. All the kids have studied abroad, so she and Kevin have visited Australia, Europe, and South America—and Carly’s not finished roaming yet! Sheila's most memorable adventure to date was a trip with Kevin, Derek, and Evan to India to attend her financial planning analyst’s wedding. Most recently, getting to know Copenhagen has been such fun, and the whole family especially enjoys the food scene with Carly’s expert guidance. 

Sheila and Kevin try not to leave home in the summer and instead spend it on their pontoon boat with family and friends. She also loves to read and notes A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Three Women by Lisa Taddeo as two recent favorites. She is active in her local Smith College Alumnae Association.

Sheila loves the people part of her job and has developed close ties with her clients. She helps in ways that go beyond the financial, and her clients rely on her help, such as calling a college admissions office, going to the bank with a client to refinance, accompanying a client to an estate planning meeting, or even working with an assisted-living facility to help a client’s family through a challenging transition. Sheila’s father passed away in February 2020 after a long battle with CTE, so long-term care concerns and caring for elderly parents are much more than a theory for her; she understands how hard it can be.

People often seek financial help in times of transition, and Sheila recognizes that these times can often be emotionally challenging, too. She takes time to understand and help clients sort through the complexities that often accompany divorce, college decisions, aging parents, and any of the transitions that might seem to be financial but are really about so much more than money. 


Sheila Stehlin is proud to have been recognized as a Founder’s Club advisor for 2023—a distinction based on annual production that places her among the top 34 percent of advisors affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network.

Each year, Commonwealth, the broker/dealer–RIA that helps us process investment transactions on your behalf, recognizes Founder’s Club advisors by inviting them to an exclusive gathering of their peers, leading industry experts, and Commonwealth home office staff. Founder’s Club advisors benefit from an intensive learning and networking experience designed to help them hone their expertise, share best practices, and provide ever-higher levels of service, education, and leadership.

Beth Castantini, CFP®, FPQP™

Financial Advisor

Beth grew up in Newburyport and currently lives in Amesbury, the next town over, with her boyfriend, Connor. She received her finance degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she was the proud captain and 4-year starter on the women's basketball team. She graduated as a Commonwealth Scholar in the Honors Society and interned for Sheila at Port Wealth Management for two summers during college. It is hard to believe she has been at Port Wealth Management for over 7 years now! Although she went to school on the South Shore, she loves the North Shore, especially in the summer, and hopes to raise a family here someday. She is very involved in her local community with a special love of basketball. She serves as the assistant coach for the varsity girls basketball team at her high school alma mater, Newburyport High School. Go Clippers! When she is not working or playing basketball, she is likely with her family, especially her nieces and nephew, supporting her friend and personal trainer’s boxing career ringside, getting lost in a book, usually a psychological thriller, or resting her brain with trashy TV on Bravo. She loves all kinds of fitness and sports and attends many New England Patriots games in an RV with a large crew from Newburyport. Lately, Beth has taken up golf and would love to hear any tips and tricks you can share.

Beth is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has been interested in finance for as long as she can remember. She works closely with her clients because she knows how stressful financial decisions can be and she wants to be their first call for any financial situation, even situations that are only sort of financial like considering a job change, buying a car, or talking about family financial issues. Beth prides herself on her quick and caring response to her clients and she expects to do this job for the rest of her long career since she finds so much about it interesting and challenging in the best way.

Please contact Beth at 978-465-0037 to set up your free consultation.

Evan Arnold

Financial Advisor

Evan’s passion for personal finance and belief that strong financial stability provides greater overall happiness is what drove him to pursue this career. He understands how confusing and obscure finances can be, so strives to explain everything in layman’s terms to ensure clients fully understand the different components of their financial picture.

Evan’s guiding approach is connecting with people through kindness and patience while taking a genuine interest in what people have to say.  Evan enjoys working with people of all ages but especially with young professionals where there’s opportunity to partner for decades through many life milestones.

Evan believes financial planning is about much more than just investing. It is about helping people achieve their financial goals through a comprehensive look at income, expenses, investments, insurance, taxes and estates.  Whether it’s saving for retirement, buying a home, or planning for college, Evan can help develop a plan that meets each specific needs.  Evan also appreciates how busy people are and prides himself on taking as much off his client’s plate as possible.

Evan grew up in Newburyport and loved playing sports and being in and around the ocean. Evan established his interest in financial planning from his mom who is a financial planner. From a young age he learned the importance of personal finances and the decisions made around them. He also saw the strong relationships his mother built with her clients.

Evan graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2011.  After college he joined a healthcare startup company focused on eye care. As the company grew Evan was exposed to many different facets of business from raising money, clinical studies, launching products, IPOs and eventually acquisitions. This experience gave him the opportunity to work with many different people and personalities at varying stages of life. He also had the opportunity to move to Amsterdam to manage the company's European sales. He fell in love with the city and had his wedding there in 2019.

Evan lives in Jersey City, NJ with his wife Harriet and two children; Benson and Josephine. Evan loves to stay active by playing golf, weightlifting, and frequent walks with his family around Jersey City. He also has a passion for all things motorized, especially cars.